How To Make Your Twitter Page Transparent

If you want to first see how this looks like, please check out out twitter feed

@Wealthnews .

**Please note that this hack may only work with Internet Explorer 8 or older but not IE9, Chrome or Firefox. But try it on the Browser you prefer first

And now the step by step Incredible Twitter Transparency Trick:
1. Click on “Settings” and then “Design” to get to this page. Make sure you’re logged in.
2. Copy this bit of javascript code:
javascript:document.getElementById("user_profile_sidebar_fill_color").value = '';document.getElementById("title_theme").innerHTML = 'Click The Save Changes Button At Bottom To Finish!!';void(0);
3. Paste the code directly into your address bar, replacing the URL for the design page.
4. Hit the “Enter” key.
5. Click “save changes” and you should now have a completely transparent right side panel.
Good Luck, hope this make your Twitter page a little more attractive to your followers and leads.
- #WealthNews

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