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The day we got mentioned on Youtube

The Day i got mention in a Vlogger video. :)

I started watching The Surfing Violinist a couple months ago.  I am planning to visit India at the end of 2016 or start of 2017. As i was searching for videos of India i came upon Ford and his family's channel called The Surfing Violinist.

Its about an American Family living in India, Vloggin about their adventures, daily life's ups and downs.  Also some cool videos like Bollywood Movie Reviews, food reviews, song remixes, dubsmash and cool info about india and where to visit if you ever plan on going to New Delhi. And also other great content that will have you watching and coming back time and time again.

I am not the best person to describe be what i like, let alone blog something meaningful to read. Other than sharing videos without saying a word and letting my audience. But having been inspired by Ford and his family, i had to write and share their channel to the world.

I for one, am hooked on their channel just because i used to live in India as a kid so i can relate a bit.

But if you are thinking about visiting India or just want to know what life is there from a north American perspective, Then you should defiantly check out their channel.  And if you are planing to become a Vlogger, there are great tips and tricks you can learn.

So check them out, i have linked thier Social media sites below, so if you are reading this, please take the time ti visit and their channel

Country: India