DareDevil Show review

DareDevil Review  


     After watching couple recent superhero adaptation of a comic book character on to a TV shows, I was reluctant on starting DareDevil. But one of Siblings who is as nerd like myself, kept telling me about how much this show isdifferent, and me being an action fan would enjoy it.  So i started watching it, and didn't stop until i was at the end of season 1 and wanting to watch more.  If producers who DARE to take on a comic book hero, should set aside a weekend or maybe on this show and watch it.  This show is gritty, smart and action packed.  Not shying away from the characters being violent, as they should be, as its told in the comic books.  DareDevil is the real deal and this is how comic book shows or even movies should be like. Every episode is a Movie. Cant wait for season two.

-Editors review