NASA's Vision: We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.

NASA Organization Structure

Agency Organization

Office of the Administrator
  Administrator: Charles F. Bolden, Jr. 
  Deputy Administrator: Dava Newman
  Associate Administrator: Robert Lightfoot
  Deputy Associate Administrator: Lesa Roe
  Chief of Staff: Michael French
  Associate Deputy Administrator: Lesa Roe (Acting)
  Associate Administrator for Strategy and Plans: Thomas Cremins

Advisory Groups 
  NASA Advisory Council (NAC)
    Chairman: Steven Squyres
  Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP)
    Chairman: Vice Admiral Joe Dyer USN, (Ret)
Office of the Inspector General 
    Inspector GeneralPaul K. Martin
Administrator Staff Offices 
    Chief Engineer: Ralph Roe
    Chief Financial OfficerDavid Radzanowski
    Chief Information OfficerRenee Wynn
    Chief ScientistEllen Stofan
    Chief TechnologistDavid W. Miller
    Chief Health and Medical OfficerRichard Williams
    Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance: Terrence W. Wilcutt
    Diversity and Equal Opportunity:
            Associate Administrator: Brenda Manuel
           Associate Administrator for Education: Donald G. James
    International and Interagency Relations:
            Associate Administrator: Michael F. O'Brien
    General CounselSumara M. Thompson-King
    Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs:
            Associate Administrator: L. Seth Statler
    NASA Management Office:
            Director: Marcus Watkins
    Office of Communications
            Associate Administrator: David Weaver
    Office of Evaluation:
           Director: Helen Grant (Acting)
    Small Business Programs:
            Associate Administrator: Glenn Delgado
Mission Directorates
    Aeronautics Research
            Associate Administrator: Jaiwon Shin
    Human Exploration and Operations
            Associate Administrator: William Gerstenmaier
            Associate Administrator: John Grunsfeld 
    Space Technology
            Associate Administrator: Steve Jurczyk

Mission Support Directorate
    Mission Support Directorate
            Associate Administrator: Krista Paquin
                Human Capital Management:
                    Assistant Administrator: Lauren Leo
                Strategic Infrastructure:
                    Assistant Administrator: Calvin F. Williams
                Headquarters Operations:
                    Executive Director: Jay M. Henn
                NASA Shared Services Center:
                    Executive Director: Mark Glorioso
                    Assistant Administrator: Bill McNally
                Protective Services:
                    Assistant Administrator: Joseph S. Mahaley

Centers and Facilities

Ames Research Center
IT, fundamental aeronautics, bio and space science technologies
Director: Eugene L. Tu

Armstrong Flight Research Center
Flight research
Director: David D. McBride

Glenn Research Center
Aeropropulsion and communications technologies.
Director: James M. Free

Goddard Space Flight Center
Earth, the solar system, and Universe observations
Director: Christopher J. Scolese

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Robotic exploration of the solar system
Director: Charles Elachi

Johnson Space Center
Human space exploration
Director: Ellen Ochoa

Kennedy Space Center
Prepare and launch missions around the Earth and beyond
Director: Robert Cabana

Langley Research Center
Aviation and space research
Director: Dave Bowles

Marshall Space Flight Center
Space transportation and propulsion technologies
Director: Todd May (Acting)

Stennis Space Center
Rocket propulsion testing and remote sensing technology
Director: Dr. Richard J. Gilbrech
Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Broad study of global climate change
Director: Gavin A. Schmidt

Independent Verification and Validation Facility
Provides safety and cost-effectiveness for mission critical software
Director: Gregory D. Blaney

Michoud Assembly Facility
Manufacture and assembly of critical hardware for exploration vehicles.

NASA Engineering and Safety Center
Independent testing, analysis, and assessments of NASA's high-risk projects
Director: Tim Wilson
NASA Safety Center
Development of personnel, processes and tools needed for the safe and successful achievement of strategic goals
Director: Alan Phillips
NASA Shared Service Center
Financial management, human resources, information technology, and procurement
Executive Director: Mark Glorioso

Wallops Flight Facility
Suborbital Research Programs
Director: William Wrobel